Playmobil Baby Dinosaur Egg Set

Rating 4
Playmobil Baby Dinosaur Egg Set

Playmobil Baby Dinosaur is a must own building set. Bear in mind you can buy a spectacular present for children without spending an arm and a leg Articles are the best way to find facts about both the price and quality having to do with any product. You may read about the experience another person's kid experienced when using the product. Playmobil Baby Dinosaur . If you want a good deal for this Dino building set, click on the link below.


Model: 3193
UPS: 025369031939

Explore the Arctic with all the support of this Playmobil Baby Dinosaur Egg Set. Imported. The 2-man crew discovers a baby dinosaur in an egg that opens. Made of plastic. Includes 2 explorers, a block of removable ice with 3 flags, camera, ice picks, hammers, chisels and numerous other tools for exploration. For ages 4 years and up.


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