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Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops With Baby

Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops5 Star Rating
Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops
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Looking for an amazing building set? Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops With Baby is an increadibly fun Playmobil building set! Among the major features is the set includes one figure and triceratops with baby. Additional features include things like ages 4 yrs. +. The building set dimensions are 4.25"H x 12"L x 10.25"W.

playmobil explorer triceratops help researcher capture

Publisher: ConstructivePlaythings

Product Info

Help the researcher capture images from the mighty Triceratops with Baby on his distinctive camera. To be safe, the researcher can crouch within the hollow tree trunk to carefully observe the dinosaurs. Ages 4 yrs. Set consists of a single figure, Triceratops with baby, tree, binoculars, and other accessories. +.

  • Features tree, binoculars, and other accessories
  • Set includes one figure and Triceratops with baby
  • Ages 4 yrs. +.
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.25" Length: 12" Depth: 10.25"

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