Rating 4

Your kids will never let go of this wonderful building set. 5232 is the model number for this Playmobil building set. A list of feature attributes are 17. 5 and 43. 75. The Playmobil building set dimensions are 7.87"H x 11.81"L x 3.94"W and has a weight of 1.01 lbs. Best price Stegosaurus . I would like for you to get the best price and service when buying a building set.


Model: 5232
Package Quantity: 1

Watch as the mother Stegosaurus' babies are hatched from their eggs. Nearby, a mother and baby lizard are watching. Set consists of mother Stegosaurus and 3 babies, three dinosaur eggs, adult and baby lizard, landscape with trees and flower, and also other accessories.


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